The BC canoe polo committee has been awarding small grants to clubs and organisations for several years for projects that help expand the number of available facilities that can be used to host regional and national events as well as projects that will increase participation in canoe polo.

All grant requests will be raised at the subsequent committee meeting of the canoe polo committee for a decision. Applicants will be notified if their applications have been successful within 2 weeks of the committee meeting.

Criteria for Funding
  • Any funding request for Outdoor facilities (goals, rope lines) will be prioritized.
  • Clubs must be BC affiliated with an active presence in either National League or Regional league competition.
  • Funding is only provided for capital costs and will not be given for revenue funding. For example, funding will not be provided for paid staff, coaches, travel, accommodation costs or pool hire etc.
  • Funding will not be awarded for club equipment (except Goals, Rope Lines and other Pitch paraphernalia).
  • Partnership funding, sponsorship, funding “in-kind” or funding from other BC funds must be clearly shown.
  • Any funding for projects for canoe polo facilities will only be forthcoming if the venue will be available for National League, Regional League and other events organised by the canoe polo committee. Funding will only be released into club/organisation held accounts.

Application Form please download, fill in and email to

Recent Funding Examples

Penrith Canoe Club Pitch


Were awarded funding to set up an oudoor pitch now at Ullswater Yacht Club



Bristol Canoe Polo Venue


Were awarded funding to help set up and improve access to their Brunel Lock location.


Manchester Wildcats Pitch


Were awarded funding to help set up their outdoor pitch at Sale Water Park.

Rhondda Paddlers Pool Goals

Funding awarded to help re-fit and repair roof damage to ensure long term facility use

Cumbria Canoeists Pitch

Goals and pitch lines awarded to support a new polo pitch location at Killington Reservoir