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National League Venue Request – 2024

Due to extensive flood damage, the venue at HPP will not be able to host the National Championships as planned on the 6-7th April. The committee will be seeking volunteers at a later date to aid with repair of the site.

Last year, FOA kindly volunteered at short notice to aid with the hosting of the competition, which was a great success. Given the situation with HPP this year, and the greater lead time to the event, we are seeking offers from clubs/venues to host the 2024 competition on the planned date to share the opportunity to host this event around the UK.

The ability to facilitate three pitches of suitable quality alongside adequate toilet facilities are the main pre-requisite, however additional ability to provide reasonable camping and off-water facilities are a bonus.

Depending on the location, the committee may be able to aid with pitch equipment and shot clocks as well as publicity to aid in the sign-up of volunteers to help run the event.

Can any interested clubs/venues please share your interest in writing to for consideration by January 31st. The committee will determine the selection process based on the offers received.

Thank you in advance, we hope to make the most of a bad situation!

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