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Ola, from Madrid (part 5 – final)

Day Five

The final day of competition dawned (again) soon after the GB Supporters and old bloggers arrived at the Puerto de Hierro venue. It is worth looking it up on Google Earth, the pool area is immense, and the overall venue (for sport) is something we can only dream about in the UK. However, there is a picture in the bar of the pool area which appears to have the entire Madrid population in attendance. Like a Where’s Wally picture, there is hardly a square inch of space. I would avoid that day!

Talking of Where’s Wally, this morning at the metro station near the hotel, Wally was seen sleeping on a bench, waiting for the bus. I think the Old Bloggers can claim that prize.

So, as the sun started to rise, GB U21 Ladies were starting proceedings with a match against Germany. Unfortunately, the match went the wrong way, with a victory for the Germans by 4 – 1. So, the 3rd /4th playoff to look forward to.

Time for a coffee and croissant, then off to see the GB Ladies in their semi final against the Netherlands. Back on form, the GB Ladies (current World and European Champions) played steady polo, taking the semi by 5 – 1. They meet France this afternoon in the final. Here’s hoping!!!

Moving from pitch 2 to pitch 1, we then had the semi final for the GB Men versus Germany. The German’s used their strength to muscle themselves to a b4 – 1 lead, but GB rallied, and the final score was 4 – 3 to the Germans. Another 3rd / 4th Place play-off to look forward to.

While this match was taking place, the GB U21 Ladies were playing their 3rd / 4th match against France. As we joined it, it was 9 – 8 to the girls. Another couple of goals made it 11 – 8 at the final whistle. A special mention to Kate Mathers, who asked especially that I correct the spelling of her name. Sorry Kate / Cate, Cait, Cayt, no can do.

GB U21 Men beat the Netherlands team 11 – 0 to secure 7th place. Lots of photo opportunities, etc, for the parents, grandparents etc.

The Men have won the Bronze medal, with a fantastic team performance against the Netherlands team. Eventually winning 3 – 1 with goals from Nick (2) and Dan, this result has been hard earned, not only here in Madrid, but also through a particularly difficult training period.

And……the Women have retained their European Championships title, by beating the French ladies (for the second time this weekend) 7 – 3. A fantastic result which keeps their rightful place at the top of their Game. Goals from Pru (3) Aimee (3) and Kathryn ensured this famous win!

So, in summary, the titles went to:

  • Mens: Champions France, runners up Germany, third GB Men
  • Ladies: Champions GB; runners up France;
  • Mens U21: Champions France; runners up Germany
  • Ladies U21: Champions Germany; runners up Poland; third GB girls.

A successful set of results, and a great few days of competition. Thanks for reading the reports, and for Sam K for acting as the conduit between us and the / Facebook weblink.

I can hear the bar calling, our plane home has been delayed by 4 hours until 01.55 Monday morning, so it will be a late arrival at Gatwick, and a later arrival at work.

Buenos dias from Madrid for the Old Bloggers!

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