2021 Academy Invitation

Please find the academy invitation for 2021 here and below!

Canoe Polo Development Academy
September 18th and 19th Weekend
Open Invitation to Attend

Hopefully now that we seem to be on our way out of the COVID crisis we are looking to re
commence the Canoe Polo Academy development and training weekends, held at the Collingwood
As a minimum candidates should have the ability to play National youth or Regional 3-4 leagues.
The academy provides a pathway towards developing and preparing players to potentially
participate within the Great Britain Canoe Polo Squads.
The September weekend will comprise of a series of 5-6 both training and game sessions during
which players will be appraised and advised in regard to their current playing status. The successful
candidates will be invited to attend the winter academy weekends due to start in October.
Further detail will follow once the September weekend interest is established.

Application Criteria.
1. Applications are invited from both boys and girls. Minimum age 13 years.
2. As a minimum the applicant will need to provide evidence of a spray deck ‘controlled’ exit
on capsizing in open water.
3. As a minimum ability players should have the ability to play either National Youth or
Regional Leagues 3 or 4.
4. For this weekend the applicant will need to make their own travel and accommodation
5. Weekend Fees £20.00. pp.


Coach and Safeguarding Integrity.
If U18 years then your parents or guardian need to forward the following the details by E mail to
Mike Moffitt, Development Co Ordinator at moffitt.mike@yahoo.co.uk
1. Gender, name, address, age, DOB.
2. Club or organisation.
3. Playing Experiences.
4. Preferred playing position.
5. Contact Number.

Support and Coaching Help.
Any offers of additional help coaching expertise, personal skills development, would be greatly
Further detail, Consent and Admin arrangements will be forwarded directly after the
Saturday September 4 th closing date.

Many Thanks

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