ACM – Annual Council Meeting

This year’s ACM will be held on the 9th December at Warwick University, a short drive (or the 12X bus) from Coventry.

The ACM is our opportunity as a committee to review the last year and discuss plans for the future with players and supporters of all levels. Our sport is run by the work of a very small number of volunteers and needs greater involvement and support from the wider polo community.

There are volunteer positions up for election: the major roles this year are Chairperson and Treasurer. However, if you don’t have the time for a regular volunteering commitment, please attend this meeting to air grievances/praise so that constructive plans can be made moving forward.

We strongly encourage players and coaches of all levels to attend.

Room MS.04 in the Maths department, lunch will be provided.

The first division 1 tournament follows 3pm Coventry – giving the opportunity to watch the best teams in the country compete afterwards!

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