ACM & Election of Officers

The ACM this year will occur at the play off weekend 10th May 2014 at Meridian’s home venue, Danson Park, Danson Road, Welling, DA6 8HL. The exact location and times will be confirmed.

This is a significant event in the polo calendar and it is important that clubs are represented. So even if your team are not playing it would be a worthwhile trip to watch some great polo and also attend the meeting and help canoe polo move forward.

Whilst appreciating that meetings are not popular it is one of the few opportunities for the bigger issues to be openly discussed and your view to be taken into account. It is also when the committee officers are elected, both of which are essential to improving the sport.

This year a number of positions will become vacant and need to be filled. In the past roles have generally been filled by members of a few of the higher ranked clubs and whilst their efforts are appreciated this demographic hinders the breadth of experience within the committee. If you are interested in helping the sport then please ask for further information about those roles and other opportunities to assist. I am happy to speak to anybody as are the committee members, my mobile is 07817 611248.

The position of Chair will also become available, whilst this is out of the usual sequence for elected post’s, I have taken the decision that I no longer want to fulfill this role. Unfortunately the shoulder surgery I had last year was more serious than anticipated and I can no longer play polo. After 35 years of competing this has been difficult to come to terms with and I have decided that I would like my voluntary input to canoeing to be in aspects of the sport, which I can still participate in.

Dave Rawding | Chairman

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