Canoe Polo Development Academy Initiative


Dependant on the interest we intend holding two introductory days for those wishing to participate within the canoe polo academy on the dates shown below. The days should be seen as a taster for those U18 players canoe polo players both girls and boys who are both sufficiently ambitious and receptive to try and further development their individual play and game skills within a structured environment.  The candidates fitness, ball and game skills will be assessed over the day and the process will involve feedback to each player. Ability levels and skills are important within the context of our assessment but more importantly and our emphasis throughout the day will revolve around ascertaining the individual’s appetite and self belief to continually improve.  As the response is  unknown interested players need to make themselves available to attend either of the two dates in question. It is hoped that once having participated in the day’s taster, players put themselves forward for consideration to the October/November annual selection process.



Development Opportunities

At the behest and with the support of the National Committee and the British Squads Management team the Canoe Polo Development Academy hosted by and using the Friends of Allonby Canoe Polo Venue in Liverpool along with the support of other clubs and club coach’s has been in operation since March 2015. Nigh on 30 young players in total have so far participated. With academic and personal commitment absences something of the average of 25/26 both boys and girls have been attending each weekend. The academy provides a pathway towards participants embracing an ambition to continue to improve.   

The Vision

The aim of the initiative is to give the opportunity primarily to our U18 year olds (U23 Women) to develop their individual and game skills within a set progressive program. Weekends tend to revolve around a program of fitness, skills and games development with as many as 8 or so sessions of one kind or another at each weekend. The taster sessions scheduled for June and July above will hopefully give you an insight into how the academy operates.  

The Candidate

Potential candidates need to be sufficiently ambitious, and receptive to learn and develop further.  Our expectancy is that the candidates are already participating within regional and or national leagues teams. As a bare minimum the candidate needs to demonstrate that they can effectively safely exit their boat of necessity in open water.  

Interested? Then please fill in the necessary form and return as soon as possible. Places are limited.

Many Thanks

Mike Moffitt 

Development Coordinator

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