Closure of swimming pools

Polo Players,

The consultation around the potential closure of Coventry 50m pool is a real issue for our sport. Whilst we are endeavouring to play more outside we will continue to need access to suitable facilities including large pools.

I am aware that this is not the only pool under threat of closure. Therefore I thought might be useful to get an idea of the scale of this risk around the country so that I can appropriately brief the BCU and Canoe England.

I think the most appropriate way to deal with this is on a few fronts. Therefore I would encourage individuals, teams and clubs to do all they can to defend facilities through whatever consultation mechanisms are available. For Coventry please see – 
I will provide a position statement from the Canoe Polo Committee and subsequently ask for our National Governing Bodies to provide their perspective.

Whilst I appreciate some Local Authorities may intend to replace old pools with newer facilities our experience is that these are smaller and generally unaffordable.

Therefore if you know or suspect that a venue we use for polo is under threat please send me a short e mail explaining what you know and the timescales (we generally are planning 2 years ahead).

I appreciate some of this may be conjecture currently however as local authorities budgets reduce this will become a reality threatening polo development. Having a better knowledge of the situation allows us to take a more proactive defence of the venues we currently utilise.

E mail to – 

Dave Rawding
Chair CPC

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