Efficient Use of Pool Playing Time

It is crucial that all teams players and match officials play an active role at ensuring that we maximise our use of indoor pool time. This season there have been a couple of occasions when tournaments have overrun their allotted time. In each occasion there has been no reason other than games not commencing immediately the venue is available or the change over between games and halves being longer than necessary.

This causes significant issues in relation to the staff / premises operating practices and potentiality the costs each team incurs. All competition are calculated to ensure there is sufficient playing time, however to minimise costs there is little flexibility. It is therefore in your own interests to ensure that the time is used well.

Can I also remind all players, officials and spectators that it is essential we are at times polite and courtesy to all users and staff members. There is a reducing number of venues available to us and maintaining excellent relation with those that we currently is critical.

Dave Rawding
Chair CPC

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