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Collingwood Development Academy Canoe Polo Opportunities –
Invitation to Participate

Hi, although the academy runs year round this month sees our return for the summer to the Collingwood venue for our summer canoe polo development activities The academy meets on a weekend basis each month. As you would expect a number of core individual, team activities and skills leading to games and game practice are coached and practised within the academy activities The academy is open to both boys and girls from 13 years onwards, with an average of 30 plus boys and girls currently participating within it’s activities. Whilst safety cover is to hand, participants need to be confident of exiting a capsize in open water safely. 

Participation gives the opportunity to socialise, learn and train with others and develop further as a result of those experiences. Within it’s forum the academy offers a  welcome to participate.

The academy also offers a pathway towards participating within the National Squads. Currently most if not all of both the current U21 Men’s and Women’s teams along with a number of both the Senior Men’s and Women’s players have all been recent participants within the academy.

Coach’s in Attendance: Alan Neal: Andy Metcalfe: Paul Manders: Gareth Jones: Steve Moore and Georgie Longbottom.  

Interested? more info required then please get in touch.

Mike Moffitt

Lead Coach/Development Coordinator

Canoe Polo Academy

07570 526 947

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