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The following people can all be contacted on the email addresses below.  Please direct your enquiry to the relevant person.  Everyone has the power to make certain decisions, please do not contact the chairman by default.

2015/2016 Committee

(Photograph Pending) Chairperson | Christopher Arrowsmith | chairperson@canoepolo.org.uk

(Photograph Pending) Vice Chairperson | Derek Playford | vicechairperson@canoepolo.org.uk

RichardPotter Secretary | Richard Potter | secretary@canoepolo.org.uk

Carl von Berg Treasurer | Carl von Berg | treasurer@canoepolo.org.uk

 Performance Committee Chairperson | Chris Parkes | chris.parkes@canoepolo.org.uk

Steve Watts Refereeing & Safety Committee Chairperson | Steve Watts | chief-referee@canoepolo.org.uk 

 National Leagues Co-ordinator| Sally Walker | national-leagues-organiser@canoepolo.org.uk 

 (Photograph pending) Webmaster | Ross Barnie | webmaster@canoepolo.org.uk

 Publicity Officer | David McBay | david.mcbay@canoepolo.org.uk 

Howie  Welsh Committee Chairperson | Howie Whitaker

ChirsC  Scottish Committee Chairperson | Chris Carracher | sca.polo@canoescotland.org

MattCarter North West Committee Chairperson | Matt Carter |

AndyCarden North East Committee Chairperson | Andy Carden |

JamesSoutar South West Committee Chairperson | James Soutar |

MarcNicholson South East Committee Chairperson | Marc Nicolson |


The British Canoeing Canoe Polo Committee

The British Canoe Polo Committee Is the management body for Canoe Polo in the country. Its main aim is to oversee and coordinate the strategic development of canoe polo in the UK. 

The Executive Committee

The Executive committee consists of the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer. The Executive committee is empowered to make critical time dependent decisions when required.  

The Performance Committee

The Performance Committee is responsible for the management of the elite athlete pathways and Great Britain squads.

The Refereeing and Safety Committee

This committee is mainly responsible for Referee Development, Health and Safety, Scrutinising and resolving Disciplinary Issues. 

Combined Regional Committees

The four English and Welsh committees are responsible for the operation of a regional league and the development pathway. They work with Canoe England’s Regional Development Teams to further develop and proliferate canoe polo in their region. 


Minutes of all meetings are available here. Minutes will be published when approved by the committe


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