COVID Update December 2020

With the recent changes and announcements from the Government I thought I would highlight what we are allowed to do with Canoe Polo in England at the moment. For the other Nations please check with your relevant committee/governing body.


It is still not possible to play games indoors in any of the current ‘Tiers’:

Organised indoor sport is not exempt from legal gathering limits.

In tier 1 areas: organised indoor team sport can only take place in groups of up to 6 people (or larger groups if all from the same household or support bubble). Provided that participants are in separate groups of up to 6 people which do not mix with other groups.


“Organised outdoor sport is exempt from legal gathering limits across all levels, but modifications to high-risk activities should be made in tier 3 areas.”

This means your club organised sessions can take place as long as you adhere to the Covid-19 Canoe Polo Guidelines, however there are still some extra regulations that need to be considered depending on the tier you are in.


  • If you are in Tier 3 then you should not travel into a lower tier to
    participate in any Canoe Polo activity.
  • You should not travel into Tier 3 from a lower tier to participate.
  • We recommend that training sessions are kept to skill sessions
    only with minimal game play.
  • If you do play a game then it should be non contact – no pushing.
  • There should be no social interaction before or after the training

TIER 1 and 2

  • You should not travel into Tier 3 to take part in a session.
  • Individuals from Tier 3 should not travel into Tier 1 or 2 to
  • Contact games are allowed if Covid-19 Canoe Polo Guidelines are
  • Social interaction before and after the session should be limited
    and only take place in line with legal gathering limits and other
    relevant restrictions.
  • For all levels please ensure you have secured access to the water
    way you intend to use.

Christmas Period

As stated by the Government for the Christmas period 23rd – 27th December a ‘bubble’ is allowed to be formed with friends and family. The rules do not change for Canoe Polo, you are allowed to attend training sessions but must comply with the rules above.

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