FOA Ladies Canoe Polo Development Day

Friends of Allonby Ladies Canoe Polo Development Day Saturday 27th October

The planned Friends of Allonby Ladies Canoe Polo Development Day will go ahead this Saturday 27th October. The day long session with the help of the Club will be programmed and managed on the the day by our very successful Senior Ladies X team members.

The initial thoughts for the day were to not only further promote Ladies Canoe Polo primarily locally but also to see what potential there is to develop players and teams to not only attempt to make up a second ladies team under the Club’s umbrella but also to ascertain players abilities to support our existing Ladies X team. To that extent and within the set criteria the day is open to all.

The day starts at 1000 a.m. and runs on weather permitting up until 4.00 p.m. with core skills and games making up the basis of the programme.    

To date we are pleased to say 13 girls have so far ventured themselves to come along hopefully they will not only have an informative but also an enjoyable day in the process.

Many Thanks

Mike Moffitt 

On Behalf of Friends of Allonby Liverpool Canoe Club.

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