Important for all polo players and their clubs – Feedback Required

The Canoe England Development Plan is being reviewed for years 2013/2017 and it is essential that the needs of polo are adequately catered for. This is your opportunity to have your say and ensure that polo gets the support it deserves. Generally canoeing is doing well and whilst many sports have had their funding reduced because they have not met their targets we have exceeded ours and received increased funds at the expense of other sports!

This plan will form the basis of funding and development activity for the next 4 years at least. Therefore we need to think towards the future and ensure that our sports requirements are included. The draft plan and some feedback already obtained is available attached. That will give a flavour of what is being included, however do not feel constrained by that. We need to be ambitious as if we do not ask we won’t get.

I will coordinate all the replies and create composite canoe polo response. So look at the feedback form and consult with your club/team mates. Then email me with your comments. Please include which section of the plan they relate to – e mail is All responses will be needed before 21st November 2011.

The polo committee feel that our discipline needs to increase its exposure within the BCU and Canoe England. Obviously a contribution to this plan will help ensure that our sport gets recognition equitable to the number of players we have. So please take the time to look at this and add any contribution you wish. 

Useful background information. Participation is measured through the National Active Person Survey. Apparently 48 000 people / week paddle which is 1500 over the target. Of which over 80% are very happy with the canoeing they do. Membership income is around £1.1m, canoe England employ 120 staff of which 47 are part time Membership is around 32800 which is 5% increase on last year and renewal retention is improving. The target for young people participating in accredited clubs and volunteering has also increased. This all may seem boring until you appreciate that it is the public filling in the survey that translates directly into our sports funding.

Thanks for taking the time to help develop our sport.

Dave Rawding

Vice Chair

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