Liverpool: Grades 2/3/4 Refereeing Course

Grades 2/3/4 Refereeing Course at the Collingwood Friends of Allonby Venue

Saturday 5th September 2.00 p.m.

We have yet to finalise the detail but dependant on the response we shall host a Grades 2/3/4 Theoretical Refereeing Course  at the Friends of Allonby club venue at Collingwood on Saturday the 5th September prior to the National Leagues events planned for the Sunday 6th September. Albeit a Scout Hut we are hoping that we shall be able to secure some overnight accommodation for those adults aged 18years+ travelling in on the Saturday and playing/refereeing on the Sunday.

For those attending the Refereeing Course the basic cost will be £15.00  dependant on the uptake for the scout hut if staying overnight I would suggest you plan a budget of about £20.00 total cost.  

Course places are limited and are secured on a first come basis. If interested then please get in touch asap.

Suffices to say if candidates wish to be successful then they should take the opportunity to be conversant with the current rules prior to attending the course. Game Rules can be found here

It depends on the practical assessment support on the day but the intention is to assess some of the successful candidates on the Sunday.  

Many Thanks

Mike Moffitt   

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