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National Leagues 2024 Venue Release

Update from the National League Organiser:

Thanks for the patience with waiting for National League venues.

The dates and venues for the coming season are below. Our division organisers will be getting in touch soon to pass on venue specific details, this will be when the division mailing lists have been updated.

Main points of note for the ’24 season are that after significant feedback from last season, we have tried really hard to maintain a more local spread of venues to minimise driving for all teams. Of course, this mainly applies to the leagues with regional splits.

We have also prioritised venues with facilities that are at the standard to support the level of competition they are due to host.

Finally, as a reminder, after the lack of uptake last year and the extremely high administrative effort and cost, we are not offering camping this season. We are hoping that the more localised venues this year will help to offset the need for accommodation for all teams, giving more the opportunity to stay at home and drive each day.


Dates and venues:

Premier Open:
May 11/12 – Sale, Manchester
July 20/21 – Sale, Manchester

Division 1 Open:
May 11/12 – HPP, Nottingham
July 20/21 – Collingwood Dock, Liverpool

Division 2 North:
May 11/12 – Collingwood Dock, Liverpool
July 20/21 – Pinkston, Glasgow

Division 2 South:
May 11/12 – TBC (Aiming for a more southern venue, but if not possible may have to be HPP) *
July 20/21 – Taff Bargoed, Trelewis

Division 3 North:
April 27/28 – Collingwood Dock, Liverpool
June 29/30 – Sale, Manchester

Division 3 South East:
April 27/28 – Nomad, Rickmansworth
June 29/30 – Nomad, Rickmansworth

Division 3 South West:
April 27/28 –  Taff Bargoed, Trelewis
June 29/30 – Taff Bargoed, Trelewis

Womens Premier:

May 4th (be with you) – Bristol Dock

June 15th – Sale, Manchester

Womens Division 1:

May 4th – Sale, Manchester

June 15th – Sale, Manchester

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