Northwest & Central Regional League?

We would like to know if there is any interest in a possible Northwest and Central regional canoe polo league. Our club is willing to run a league if there are enough interested teams to warrant creating one. 
We hope to be able to have all tournaments  indoors and to be based at Stockport and Derby Swimming Pools on a 50/50 split and to follow the National league and University calendar, to kick off September 2012. 
The main aim of creating a league is twofold.
1) To offer high quality local canoe polo tournaments for Div1,2,3 & 4 teams
2) Provide an entry level division for new teams. Suitable for youth teams, university teams and new teams. 
There are around 40 current teams covered in the NW and Central region, if 2/3 of these teams enter, we are guaranteed a good quality local league. We hope to follow the National and Yorkshire regional league structure if possible and we will need at least 18 teams to register an interest be able to kick off a full fledged league. 
If there’s is not enough interest for a full league, we are willing to run a much smaller league with one or two divisions of div3/4 standard. 
If you or your club are interested in entering a local regional league, can i ask you to please contact me registering an interest so i can determine if this is something we should pursue, if i don’t get enough responses, it wont happen so please email back!! 
 If you have any questions, please get in touch! 
Niall Evans
Manchester Wildcatz 

Manchester Wildcatz – Salford Canoe Polo Club

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