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Poland Blog Day 2

Day 2 Summary

GB team Opponents Score (GB first)
GB Women Japan 12-0
GB Men South Africa 9-0
GB U21 Women New Zealand 2-6
GB Women Singapore 22-1
GB Men Australia 4-5
GB U21 Men Canada 16-1
GB U21 Women Germany 1-8
GB Women Italy 3-0
GB U21 Women Canada 14-2


Very chilly here at the lake today, the wind is blowing from the west, down the length of the rowing lake, and it is brass monkeys! The weather forecast for the remainder of the tournament is uncertain, with a mixture of sun and other stuff. For you geographers, my phone tells me that the latitude here is 52.39986 North, 16.98403 East!

The squads:

GB Men: Martyn Williamson (capt); Dan Robson; Matt Fletcher; Gallin Montgomery; James Bowers; James (Junior) Longley; Ed Feltham.

GB Ladies: Kathryn Moffit (capt); Ginny (much retired) Coyles; Chaz Cheung; Alison Brown; Aimee Robson; Zoe Anthony; Claire Mitchell; Charlotte Lister.

GB U21 Men: Olly Thomson (capt); Jack Robson; Ross Montgomery; Lewis McVey; Jamie Thomson; Ross Martin; Pete Neal.

GB U21 Ladies: Nicole Brain (capt); Beth Barratt; Louise Saxon; Jamie Grover; Liz Ponting; Dani Brain.

So, to the matches.

GB Women started the day with a paddle against the Japanese. After a bit of an iffy start, the ladies ran out (or should it be paddled out) 12-0 winners (Aimee scored 8 of these). Overheard at this match, from an otherwise placid, mild mannered northern gentleman, “Go on Charlotte, bin ‘er…….. well done”!

The 12 o’clock match against Singapore, which the Bloggers had bets on, finished (at) 22-1 (no, not the time).

At 4 o’clock, an unusually tight game against Italy. It was 8 minutes in before Ginny scored the first goal, and the match finished 3-0 to GB.

The Women finished top of their group, and are rewarded with a very early match tomorrow morning against the hosts, Poland.

GB Men’s first match of the day was against South Africa (starring Clive Whitton). GB were comfortable winners 9-0.

Next came the match against Australia, both teams having lost to France, this would decide the route to the finals in the next round. GB were playing catch-up all match. 4-4 with just over 1 minute to go, then the Aussies poached a winner (that damned Koala!).

This result left GB Men in 3rd place (very creditable) putting them in the hardest group in the next round. Their next match is against Denmark.

GB U21 Women started their day with a match against the BIG NZ girls (all that sunshine, fresh air, and mint sauce!). The Kiwis were too tough, and won the match by 6 goals to 2. A shame, there was a lot of promise in the second half. This match was covered on the live-feed from the tournament. Watched from home by Jamie Grover’s dad Mark, he is reported as saying “despite my shouting at her, she is not doing what I say” – get a life, Mark!

The greater speed, strength and accuracy of the Germans pulled the team apart in their second match today, beating the U21 team 8-1.

As the sun set, out came the creatures of the night, a swarm of whirling paddlers on a mission (pardon the adjectives – not mine)! They gave the Canadians a lesson in fast(ish) breaks, scoring 14 to their 2. And the sun set during this game.

And a note for Bethan; we are all missing you and your voice! The girls are giving a great account of themselves and are only being beaten by the physically stronger teams. Hope this lifts your spirits – get well soon – your country (not Wales, but GB) needs you!

GB U21 men only had one game today, against the Canadian sub-aqua team. Never have there been so many boats binned in one match – we were starting to think the Canadians were in training to become sub-mariners! Slightly one-sided, this match finished 16-1 to GB.

Finishing top of their group, their first match in the morning will also be against Denmark.

Finally, don’t forget to check the live feed from the tournament – which is available at:

More tomorrow.

The Bloggers


Pozer’s Blog

Had a tricky morning trying to establish tactics with the Aussie coaches – seemed that they were planning “a one-out” offensive” instead of five-out in the critical match against the GB men, which was somewhat confusing, but Alan Vessey explained to me later what it meant!!

Had a light lunch with Mr Fletcher and met up with colleagues for the afternoon.

I have a nouveau ami – the French drummer, and plucked up courage to chat with the Dutch lion – “Duck a l’orange”? (please).

Really enjoyed the U21 men’s match against the Canadian sub-aqua squad and was allowed to join the team in the 16-1 celebrations.

Minor difficulties with security, who wanted to see my accreditation (Alan, where’s my pass?). Anyway, had a short chat to George (U21 coach), and finished the day watching the Women’s game against Italy.

Totally Kweem Kwackered after a long day. More tomorrow ducks,

GO team GB!!

Pozer xx

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