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Poland Blog Day 5


Day 5 Summary:

Played 3, won 1!

GB team Opponents Score (GB first)
GB Men Switzerland 2-7
GB Women New Zealand 4-3 (Semi Final)
GB Women Germany 1-4 ( Final)

Scorching today, blue skies, gentle breezes, and quiet waters.

So we come to the final day of competition, with a few games, closing speeches, and a lot of hand shaking!

So, to the matches…



GB Men. The first appointment of the day was on Pitch 1, where GB men were playing for 9th / 10th place. The Men appeared to be subdued Gallin. Just a final note, and that is: despite the pre-tournament problems with injuries, the reassembled team performed well at times, and the outlook is not bleak!

GB Womens’ first match today was the semi-final against New Zealand, Northern versus Southern Hemisphere. The New Zealand team have improved significantly since the previous Worlds in Milan (in all classes) and their strength and ability interrupted GB’s style. GB were leading 3-2 at half-time, and there was five minutes of constant attack by the NZ team in the second half, which brought about the equaliser. Finally, Claire Mitchell got the winner, and then made the save at the end which kept GB on track for the final.

In the final, GB met Germany (one more time over the last couple of days), but this time the Germans were victorious. The noise was immense, from the German fans in the lower tier of the stand, and the GB fans “up top”. The match was a struggle for GB, and the German defence was virtually impenetrable. There were a lot of one on one scraps, where Germany proved more powerful. Half time score was 3-1 to the Germans, and match finished 4-1.

The four times world Champions had to concede their crown to the impressive Germans.

A silver medal is no mean feat, and should provide a nice contract to all that gold in the trophy cabinet.

And (almost) finally, we should recognise the Dutch performance in the mens category. The Dutch beat France in this morning’s semi, and went of to beat Germany 5-4 in the final, the winner being a JD golden goal.

Final placings:

U21 Women: 1st Germany; 2nd France; 3rd New Zealand; 4th GB

U21 Men: 1st France; 2nd GB; 3rd Germany; 4th New Zealand

Women: 1st Germany; 2nd GB; 3rd Australia; 4th New Zealand

Men: 1st Netherlands; 2nd Germany; 3rd France; 4th Australia (GB 10th )

Time to close now from Poznan, over to you Pozer.

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Pozer’s Blog

Silver Sunday.

A quieter day schedule wise, with only three matches to support. Met up with a nice Dutch lad, Thomas, for some banter about how good the Dutch teams are.

Managed to find a spare seat to watch the fabulous GB Women beat New Zealand in the Semi. The seat had a name on it……some called Owen? Anyone know who?

Finished my day blogging along with the Bloggers, and looking forward to the next World’s in Thury Harcourt (my reffing mate Sean says it’ a quacking little place).

See you there.

Thanks team GB!!

Pozer xx


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