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Scorching Saturday

Phew… S’hot! Some of us supporters got to the lake ages before the play – calm, blue sky, silvery still water and not a kayak in sight, in half an hour it would be a very different story.

  [Supporter’s cake run]

But first news from the ‘Athletes Village’… Gory update concerning tick removal, involving DIY tools and alcohol. The fat tick was mostly removed by Ross and a pair of sterilised pliers, but the final part was surgically extricated by a professional thank goodness! Jamie introduced a new hydration regime for the girls… 20 press up’s issued to anyone seen without their water bottle.

  [Matt post ‘Op’]

To the Polo… The Men were today swash buckling their way through group G, with matches against Ukraine – a modest 9-0 win involving several practice plays set up by Adrian, which involved hide and seek behind the back of the goal.  Later the Men had us all on the edge of our seats as they ground out a 3-2 win over Portugal, and then finally we and they were exasperated with the nip and tuck game against Ireland (good to see Joey launching a ‘big one’ early in the second half).

The Women were having to play a double round robin in group F, the women wanted to improve results in their return matches. After a shaky start against the Netherlands (3-1 down at half time) they moved up the gears to win 7-3, with some brilliant team plays. They then lost to Switzerland 7-4, placing them 3rd in the group and sending them to a 5/6 playoff against the Czech Republic (first leg comfortably won 6-2).

 [Women vs Czech Republic]

The U21 men psyching up for the big game against Germany… always a tough one!  Optimism grew as Ren won the sprint (he’s very quick that boy) and Nathan slotted in an early goal, but then Germany took a total of 4, leaving our lads somewhat dejected but still in the semi-finals tomorrow. “Go boys” (France 08:35 local time)

 [U21’s chilling before their Semi]

At 9 o’clock the U21 girls launched a mighty battle against the Netherlands, who never really looked in the game.  6 of our players rattled in 10 goals to a Dutch empty score sheet (Nicole getting her hat trick).  This result places them in the semi-finals tomorrow against Poland at 08:00 local time (guess we’ll be up early again tomorrow!). The girls spent the rest of the day supporting the other GB teams with some great vocals and team spirit, so much so that the German TV crew came to investigate, well done girls!

  [Get your hair sorted Holly]

The frazzled, flagging supportes have been scratting around for shade and could be seen crawling under staging and hiding under promotional gimmicks, more sun tomorrow and hopefully some medals!

  [Martin Scorsese]

Go GB!


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