SW League Div 1

Teams due to attend 23rd September 2012 are:

Group A:
Cardiff A
Bereforest A
Avon B
Aberfan A
Cherwell A

Teams due attend 11th November are:

Group B:
Avon A
Celtic Warriors
Bridgend A

Top 6 teams

 Avon A, Dragon, Meridian, Bereforest, Aberfan, Cherwell

Bottom 6 Teams

Cardiff A, Avon B, Penzance, Taunton, Bridgend A, Celtic Warriors

2nd Round dates are:

Top 6 Dates      : 9th December 2012 & 3rd February 2013

Bottom 6 Dates :20th January 2013 & 24th February 2013

Division 1 23rd September – placing results

Division 1 11th November – placing results

Division 1 9th December – Results

Division 1 20th January – Results

Division 1 3rd February – Results

Division 1 Bottom Team – Results 24th Feb

Division 1 Overall League Board 2011/12


All Division 1 Tournaments are being held at Millfield School Swimming Pool.  Start time is 1500 til 2000, we have Division 2 running in the morning so if they finish early chance of warm up time available before 1500.  Tournament fees are £40 entry fee and £80 per tournament

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