Upcoming Online Ref Courses

The Referee Committee are running two Grade 3/4 ref courses in the coming weeks, with details on a Grade 1/2 course to follow:

– Saturday 26/3
– Sunday 10/4

Location: Online ( Zoom details below)
Course Provider: Elan Winter
Time: 0900-1600ish
Costs: £15 – Course and Exam

The course comprises of a theory session, guided by a presentation, with an online exam at the end. There will be some time allocated for lunch. Depending on how much we’ve covered this may not be too long. The Zoom waiting room will be open anytime and we aim to start promptly at the time stated above. It is expected that all participants will have webcam/microphone access, the presenters are all volunteers
and do not expect to lecture to blank screens.
The online Grade 3/4 exam consists of 50 multiple choice questions. The Grade 3/4 exam is the entry level exam suitable for players wanting to gain knowledge on why they get penalised, as well as aspiring referees, and depending on your score your grade will either be 3T or 4T (or fail, but let’s not think about that). These theory grades will last for 1 year before expiry, and in this period you should attempt to gain experience and get practically assessed. A pass at 3T will enable you to attempt to be practically assessed
at either Grade 3 or Grade 4. A pass at 4T will enable you to be practically assessed at Grade 4.
Once you pass a practical, you will need to be practically reassessed every two years. We’ll give you more details on this during the course.
If any candidate is already a full Grade 3 practical referee with suitable experience, there may be an option to sit the Grade 2 paper. Please discuss this with the course provider at the start of the course.

Anyone who like to join must contact the chief referee to via email ( to gain further details and access to the Zoom meeting.

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