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Womens Development Invitational Tournament 2019

As part of the promotion of Women’s Canoe Polo and encouragement for greater participation in
our country, we are looking to gauge the level of interest in a Women’s Only Tournament on a
weekend in May or June 2019.

Purpose: Solely be to promote Women’s Canoe Polo with a view to increasing the level of interest
in women playing and also developing towards better ability polo.
Proposed Venue: Collingwood Dock in Liverpool, at the FOA Liverpool, 3-pitch site.
Player Level: The event would be aimed at a broad level of ability, including developing players
from clubs and universities, through to National Div 1 standard. The key to participation would be a
keenness to play, but also the motivation to develop to be the best player you can be! The only
requirement would be that candidates would need to be comfortable in exiting a kayak capsize in
open water. Players would be welcome on a team or individual basis.
Programme: Alongside a typical tournament format, the intention is to integrate coaching sessions
covering the development of core boat, ball and paddle skills, along with game tactics that can be
transferred to the tournament matches.

With sufficient interest and support, it may also be possible to run a Refereeing and Coaching
Course parallel to the weekend’s canoe polo and games activities.
If this is to be seen to be successful, the support of the more experienced D1 players plus any club
coaches would be invaluable. Any offers of support can get in touch using the details below:

Provisional Administration and Arrangements
Venue: Collingwood Facility, Regent Road, Liverpool 3, L3 OAH
When: To be Confirmed but Likely May/June 2109
Cost: The fee would be inclusive of overnight accommodation in a local scout hut if
so desired, a Saturday evening meal at a local carvery, and also includes
Sunday breakfast cereals and toast.

Kit Participants need to ensure they have sufficient personal paddling kit to cover the weekend.
Qualification Minimum Age 13 years.
For further information, and to register your interest, please get in touch:

Mike Moffitt (Development Coordinator)

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