World Masters Games


As some of you may already be aware – GB are the current 45+ Champions from the Sydney World Masters in 2009

I am kindly asking for all of your help. The growing sport of Canoe Polo was removed from the 2013 World Masters Games in Italy. A number of Canadian athletes have been planning on attending the games next year to compete in all of the paddling disciplines. From one paddler to another…please show your support by emailing the organizers and express interest in Canoe Polo at the games. The same thing occurred in 2009 as well and by a huge show of support from the paddling community the sport was added to the games and 30 teams competed.

Please send your emails to:

Dino Chiavola – WMG Program Manager: 

WMG info can be found here:

Thank you for you support. TRAVIS DUBE

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