Youth Summer Series – U16 and U18 Years Canoe Polo

“Dependant on the interest Friends of Allonby Canoe Club, Liverpool are prepared to host a number of both U16 and 18 years old canoe polo youth events over the summer at their Collingwood venue. Most of the detail will revolve around the level of interest but it is envisaged that events will take place on a monthly weekend cycle from June through until September.
Considerations such as the event being on a weekend day or a weekend event, U16 year olds playing with a Lowered Goal and a Size 3 Ball, relaxed contact rules, rules workshops can all be taken into account within the initiative.
At this point in time we would like to invite ‘Expressions of Interest’ from clubs, teams and individuals. The Entry Fee will be pitched in at £2.00 per participant. As the event s will be held on open water Interested Teams and Clubs must be able to afford their own adequate safety cover. As a minimum players must have the ability to exit their boat safely on open water.
If you are interested then please get in touch:

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