Annual Consultative Meeting 2013

The ACM was held for the second time at the National Championships in Trelewis. This was another superb weekend hosted by Aberfan Canoe Club in a brilliant venue. The competition was won by Viking A after a very closely fought final with Meridian C.

At the meeting Curly Barker (Chair) and Jane Borrett (Treasurer) stepped down. They have both played a significant role in developing polo and will continue to be around. Curly in training referees and preparation for 2016 World Championships and Jane progressively handing over the role to the new treasurer Kirsty Bishop.

I was elected Chair and whilst I am looking forward to the new challenge I am conscious that our sport will only develop if there is more support from those involved. There were no nominations for the Vice Chair position which is a reflection of the frailty of structures organising polo in the UK. If you would like to be involved then please contact me to have a no obligation chat.

During any other business 2 sensitive matters were dealt with both of which the regular committee believed required a wider consultation with a cross section of the sport. One matter was carried on a majority vote whilst the other was so close it was decided that every team in the league would be consulted prior to a decision.

Dave Rawding

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