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Britain’s Best Team Award

** The format of this award is still ‘work in progress’ and The BCU Canoe Polo Committee welcome suggestions on improving it. **


– Any team (given they meet the criteria below) can be nominated, to add them to the poll please email 

– You must join up to the site to vote, this is the only way to control the voting.  Do this by going to “Members” > “Create an Account” in the menu bar above.


In the first instance, Qualifying Teams are nominated and presented on a poll on the BCU Canoe Polo site –

These are from votes by any registered polo player who has current BCU Membership up to the end of the season (including this years Club Championships).

Each individual Competition Member of the BCU registered as being a polo player can vote once. Any additional votes using that member’s number will not be counted !

Repeat voting is not allowed and can be checked. Abuse will result in no vote by that member being counted – To combat vote rigging.


Qualifying Teams can be any class (Open, Women’s or Youth) who are entered into the National League and British Club Championships, but there will only be one ‘Best Team’ award !


If teams are nominated who do not fulfil the very basic of requirements of being in the National Leagues and Club Championships, or so obviously not fulfilling the remainder of criteria below (subject to selection by the current Canoe Polo Committee or it’s delegates), then those teams will be removed from the voting selection, for no reason other than to reduce any possible clutter of nominations. 


First Round voting will stop at the end (midnight) of the Thursday preceding the British Club Champs.

The top three teams from the on-line vote will be taken through to a ‘free vote’ at the British Club Championships where all competing players may vote for any of the three finalist teams of the on-line vote.

If any of the teams in the top three subsequently fail to turn up (No Show Team) at the British Club Championships, then they will be replaced by the next highest on-line voted team who are entered (and present) at the British Club Championships.

No Show Teams will be considered to be a team who have less than 5 players even if they do continue to play – since this is a poor reflection of that team and subsequently the sport. No excuses will be entered into consideration.


All Team Nominations and First round Voting will take place on the BCU Canoe Polo Committee site (

Teams are voted by contacting the Polo Committee Webmaster – Sam Kavanagh –

The second round voting will take place at the British Club Champs where each team will be given one voting slip for each registered member of their team. At this event individuals can use their voting slips for any of the final three teams in the running for the award – obviously they can choose to vote for their own team if they are fortunate enough to be in the running.

During the counting for the second round votes, Points will be deducted for conduct during that calendar season.


One Point = One Vote.

Recorded Yellow Cards picked up during the season will equal ONE negative point for their team.

Recorded Red Cards picked up during the season will equal Two negative points for their team.

Any official appeals against Yellow/Red card issued throughout the season must be fully completed (by close of competition at the Club Championships) and upheld before point deficits are rescinded.

Only officially recorded Cards with the Chief Referee will be taken into account including those at the British Club Champs.

Cards will only be taken into account at the second round.


The following is a general outline of what a team should be about and represent, but while it’s accepted we’re unlikely to have a team who tick all the boxes, if you read through this lot and think either your team or you know a team who come close to fitting the general description, then please vote for them.

  • Team Image / Presentation (personal and team equipment) on and off the water, do they all look and act like a team.
  • Do all the boats and other equipment all look the same ?
  • When off the water, do they wear a uniform or other similarly team identifiable clothing ?
  • Do they hang-out together or all go their separate ways the moment a game is over ?
  • Do they look as though they actually like to spend time with each other ?
  • Team Play Ability – playing like a team rather than collection of individuals.
  • This is a team sport after-all, so do they play together like a team ?
  • Behaviour on and off the water (by general observations and number of cards awarded to the teams members (and Coaches/Supporters)
  • Sporting Prowess.
  • Are they actually interesting to watch ?
  • Do they recruit supporters either from family & friends or members of the public or other teams ?
  • Do they interact with other teams and members of the public
  • Social Skills are not simply limited to being able to drink, but to interact with peers, officials and members of the public – positive PR for the sport.
  • High in profile – Well travelled, held in a high regard amongst peers.
  • This is part of the whole image concept. How do outsiders view them ? This aspect is especially of interest from the perspective of those outside Britain. 
  • Knowledgeable in the game as a whole – Rules, Publicity for the sport.
  • Writing articles for publication, getting media coverage, commentating on games for the public. Organising or participating in interviews. Assisting the public to give more information. Building public interest.
  • Put back into the sport in some way (running of leagues, being available for refereeing/training and coaching others inside and outside their own club).
  • Do they do their bit as a team to help with the running of the sport – more than just the minimum required of any team at an event. Are they more likely to make things happen or simply want everything done for them ?
  • How easy they make things for others at tournaments ?
  • Do they actually cover all their nominated competition tasks on time and without being pushed into doing it (paying entry, arriving on time for meetings, helping with competition equipment if required, turning up for Refereeing duties on time, turning up for games on time etc).
  • Taking on additional tasks themselves even though they have not been asked to do so – simply because they know something needs doing.

In Short – Britain’s Best Team should be about the whole package of what we want our sport to be recognised by the Public as – a positive example of a dynamic and interesting sport.

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