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Results for the ECA Cup

Held at St Omer, France 19th – 20th May 2012


  • 1st and Gold Medal, Great Britain seniors (picture): L to R; Meg Spittal, Susan Waterson, Charlotte Lister, Chaz Cheung, Kathryn Grieves, Aimee Robson, Claire Mitchel, Alison Brown, (Ellie Bates, Coach)
  • 2nd and Silver Medal, Germany Seniors
  • 3rd and Bronze Medal, France seniors
  • 6th Great Britain U21’s: Nicole Brain, Liz Ponting, Louise Saxon, Bethan Littlewood, Danielle Brain, Jamie Grover, (Hywel Whitaker, Coach) [second U21 team in senior competition]


  • 1st and Gold Medal, France
  • 2nd and Silver Medal, Netherlands
  • 3rd and Bronze Medal, Germany
  • 6th Great Britain: Nick Archer, Martyn Williamson, Gallin Montgomery, James Longley, Ed Feltham, Dan Robson, James Bowers, George Murfin.

U21 Men

  • 1st and Gold Medal, France
  • 2nd and Silver Medal, Germany
  • 3rd and Bronze Medal, Great Britain: (picture) L to R: Lewis McVey, Ross Montgomery, Kartik McCutcheon, Jack Robson, Peter Neal, Ross Martin.

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