National Leagues 2014-15

Hi All,

The polo season is soon upon us and I apologise for the lateness of the details for the 2014/15 season. Please see this document for the league structure for the coming season.  There were several issues that needed to be resolved as follows:

  • Regular event to enable training and qualification of referees
  • The bias towards the southern teams in division 2
  • Reduced number of entries in central teams for division 4
  • Lack of pool time for div 2
  • Moving towards 10 min halves for division 2 teams at indoor and outdoor tournaments
  • Closure of Stratford for refurbishment for the beginning of the season.

The major changes are therefore as follows:

  • The introduction of a refereeing weekend combined with the first tournaments of the season for div 2, 3 & 4 teams. Teams requiring qualification of referees must attend this competition to ensure compliance with the rules to field qualified referees for the season.
  • Division 2 teams from the North and South will have an extra indoor competition which will result in higher than previously published entry fees over the season. Each competition will be charged at £90, an increase of £50 over the season. This does not cover the entire cost of the increased playing time, however, we felt it unreasonable to pass on the entire cost without publishing this price increase in advance of the start of the season.

Your League organiser will be in touch with shortly now that the leagues have been decided to confirm which competitions you are attending. As always, they will try to accommodate your requests but this is not always possible.



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