South East Referee Course – Grades 1-4

As the summer competitions are starting to get in full swing and many people are already thinking about the 2014/15 League season there appears to be an opportunity to progress many players and spectators who have an interest in officiating as well as existing officials….

As you know without refs we’d not be able to spend countless hours wet, soggy and cold playing the game we all love. Refereeing can be a thankless task made all the more difficult by players who regularly advise the ref on the rules even if they’ve not actually done a refs course themselves! So here’s everyone chance to become a qualified referee and really know what they are talking about.

We’re asking everyone to step up and participate, get to know the rule book a bit better and understand what may seem black and white when read. It really isn’t so straight forward when it comes to holding the whistle on the side line while watching all 10 players on the pitch plus the subbing. It’s also an opportunity to support your team mates who are already qualified by taking a turn….and have a little sympathy for them too.

We will be running two referee’s courses in the Danson Park, Bexleyheath area, this year so please put these dates in your diaries.

  • Saturday 28th June Grade 3 and 4 Referees Course
  • Sunday 29th June Practical Assessments and Games
  • Saturday 12th July Grade 1 and 2 Referees Course
  • Sunday 13th July Practical assessments and Games

The polo committee is planning to run at least two further course prior to the start of the season

Please can you let me know if you or any of your team members are attending the course and if you need floor space or if you will be staying in a local hotel.

Please pass this information onto your team mates and any other clubs in your region. The more people we can get educated in the challenges of refereeing and implementing the rules in a live game situation, the more enjoyable polo is going to be for everyone, players and refs alike and ultimately move GB Polo forward.

Please Reply back to: completing the following statements

I __________ _____________ will/will not be attending the referees course on the 28th June/12th July, I am currently Not Qualified/Grade 1,/2/3 /4, I wish to become a Grade 1,/2/3 /4 referee.

We _______________________ will be sending a team, to the games sessions on the 29th June or/and the 13th July.

Prices will be kept to a minimum for the weekend and will be advised once we have confirmed numbers


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