South East Regional League

Tournament Times & Dates

Outdoor tournaments will be held on Saturday during the daytime and indoor tournaments will be held on Saturday evening. Times will differ slightly between venues. All tournament dates will work around the National League dates to ensure there are no clashes between the regional and national league.

Tournament Dates


17.09.16 Lee Valley Ranking Tournament
17.12.16 Tooting Div1a
17.12.16 Bedford Div1b
28.01.17 Bedford Div1a
28.01.17 Potters Bar Div1b


08.10.16 Tooting
19.11.16 Bedford
17.12.16 Potters Bar
25.02.17 Tooting
06.05.17 Lee Valley


01.10.16   Rickmansworth
05.11.16 Bedford
03.12.16 Potters Bar
04.02.17 Bedford
04.03.17 Tooting


10.09.16 Rickmansworth

League Structure

There will will four divisions .

  • Division One (10 Teams) National Div 3 Teams and above
  • Division Two (8 Teams) National Div 4 Teams ,University Teams, Ladies Teams
  • Division Three (8 teams) University Fresher Teams , Novice Teams, Ladies Teams, Youth Teams
  • Division Four  – 2 one off tournaments for new teams.

Division 2 and 3 will consist of five tournaments, where each team will attend four. 

Division 1 will start with a seeded ranking tournament where the teams will be split into two pools of five. Each team will play all of the other teams in their pool. The top two teams from each pool and the best 3rd placed team (most points and then best goal difference) will then form Div1a and the remaining teams will form Div1b. The teams will remain in these leagues for two further tournaments where they will play each team twice.

Division 4 will consist of two one off tournaments i.e the teams can sign up for one or both. The format will be determined by the number of teams entering.

Games for all divisions will have 8 minute halves where possible.

Costs and Fees

Tournaments will cost £75 to cover pool hire, balls, tournament admin etc. It is requested that the season is paid for in full by bank transfer before the first tournament if possible as this help greatly to ease the administration load.

The development/Div4 tournaments will be £50 per team for each tournament.

League Rules

This regional league’s aim is to provide more canoe polo opportunities for clubs in the region, but to also to facilitate new players entering the sport. I would very much like tournaments to have a positive and friendly atmosphere and for my part I will be as encouraging and flexible as required to achieve this aim.

Regional League Rules

Application for Entry

Please complete this online entry form for Div1, Div2 and Div3 :

Entry Form

Please complete this online entry form for the one off Div4 tournament on 10th September :

Div4 Entry Form


In the meantime in you have any queries, please contact Marc on 07825535449 or email marc.nicholson@canoepolo.org.uk . If your team is interested entering the league and hasn’t already registered an interest please do so now.

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