Super Hero’s Win Hull Canoe Polo

Thanks for all the teams that made this year’s Joy Davis Hull Canoe Polo International so special. The brilliant weather helped but your good-natured participation is what makes the event. We are particularly grateful for your efforts at keeping the boat compound tidy and general offers to assist.Superheros

The concessions around the quay sing the praise of those that attend every year. The previous event was the new manager at Leonardo’s first Hull Polo competition and his staff had failed to mention just how popular his pub would be that weekend! This year he did not miss his opportunity to ‘rehydrate’ athletes and spectators alike.

For those that did not stay for the final it was won by ‘Marvel – Us’. I hope everybody knew that they were doing this to raise funds for Target Ovarian Cancer, a cause many of us in the polo world strongly support. They had each spent up to 12 hours preparing their superb costumes, matching kayaks and paddles. So the cast list of the winners was:- Silver Surfer (Will Borrett), Hulk (Matt Fletcher), Iron Man (Ollie Thompson), Spider Man (Greg Hockey) and Captain America (Jack Robson).

It was a brilliant achievement for them as their costumes restricted their movements and playing in full tight lycra suits which covered their faces and hands made both breathing on a scorching hot day with gripping the ball a real challenge. However without resorting to comic book antics the individual player’s talents were sufficient to beat Dragon, in a thrilling final that went into golden goal extra time.

OK for purist’s we know the International rules are insistent on all kayaks and paddlers wearing identical colours, however the organisers choose not to challenge the all action hero’s on their compliance for fear of their superpower retribution.

The loudest cheer of the entire weekend was during the final when the Hulk tackled Clyde. ‘Hulk Smash’!

With cake’s sold by Emily Sole (10 years) and the café collection the overall money raised for the charity was nearly £500.

Next years event is 5 and 6 July 2014 and again we will be donating £10 for each team entered towards the 2016 Polo World Championship funds. We really would like to encourage some younger paddlers and have a proper youth tournament, so please use the next 12 months to develop your youth teams.

To donate to Target Ovarian Cancer –

To know more about the Polo World Championships 2016 visit –

Dave Rawding
Event Organiser

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