SW League Div 3

Division 3


Div 3 A Div 3 A Div 3 A Div 3 A
17/11/2012 08/12/2012 12/01/2013 26/01/2013
Cheltenham Cheltenham Kingswood Cheltenham
Attacking Badgers X X X
Wychavon X X X
Exeter Uni X X X
Hamble A X X X
Queens X X X
Dragon B X X X
Voodoo Vixens X X X
Flaming Monkies X X X


Div 3 B Div 3 B Div 3 B Div 3 B
13/10/2012 6/04/2013 23/03/2013 21/04/2013
Cheltenham Kingswood Cheltenham Cheltenham
Southampton X X X
Brecon Adult  X X X
Bridgend C X X X
Blackwater Valley X X X
Bristol Penguins X X X
Mighty Ducks X X X
Hamble B X X X
Hamble C X X X


Cheltenham Starts from 1630
Kingswood Starts from 1800

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Division A League Board

Division B League Board

All Division 3 Tournaments are being held at Cheltenham Swimming Pool.  Start time is 1630 til 2100. Tournament fees are £40 entry fee and £70 per tournament.

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